Is Data Science an IT Service?

by Chris Conlan

When discussing what we do with a potential client the other day, I heard something along the lines of, "We are in the middle of an IT overhaul right now, so we don't have a need for your services." This gave me pause, because I had to step back and ask myself, "Is data science getting lumped in with IT services, now?"

It has been said in many ways before that data science lies at the intersection of statistics and software, so I have never considered the work we do to be reproducible by a typical IT staff. At the same time, I don't claim to be capable of managing the IT infrastructure of a medium or large corporation.

Is data science a combination of IT and analytics?

This is a harder question to answer. Depending on who makes up each department, our services might be reproducible by a joint effort of each department, but it isn't likely.

Why go outside your company at all?

We get our edge from being an independent consultancy. We specialize delivering data-as-a-service solutions to our clients quickly and effectively. So, even if you got IT and analytics to team up to tackle a machine learning workload, you likely wouldn't get access to ...

  • An AWS-based DaaS DevOps pipeline.
  • Dozens of pre-built tools for managing GUIs, databases, visualizations, and predictive models through the web.
  • Knowledge gained from years of experience helping clients with everything from hard-money lending to pet care.

Is this post just a massive advertisement?

No, because I'm not just advocating for my business. I'm championing the value of specialization by using my business as an example. If what we specialize in is not relevant to your goals, I will happily refer you to a business that I think can help you.

Does it make sense for us to talk?