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Your guide to events we host and sponsor around the D.C. area.

Sept 17th, 2020 - How to use Machine Learning in the Stock Market with Chris Conlan

RSVP and get detail on The Bethesda Data Science Meetup is back, and we're going virtual this time. A lot of people talk about using machine learning in the stock market, but few know how to actually do it. I will be showing you. Financial machine learning is unlike … Read more ...

June 18th, 2020 - Fast Python hosted by the DC Python Meetup

RSVP and get details on In this talk, Chris will discuss his new book, "Fast Python: Master the Basics to Write Faster Code". Fast Python aggressively rehashes the basics of Python programming in order to dispel myths and misconceptions about how to write fast code. Readers equipped with the … Read more ...

Feb 13th - Algorithms 101 for Data Scientists with Janice McMahon and Chris Conlan

RSVP and get details on The difference between a good data scientist and a great data scientist is understanding what's happening "under the hood." Computer engineer Janice McMahon and data scientist Chris Conlan will give a crash course in computational efficiency tailored for data scientists. Attendants will learn about … Read more ...

Jan 16th 2020 - D.C. Area Data Science Jobs - Market Overview and Tips for Getting Hired

RSVP at John Collins of Aerotek breaks down the local technology hiring market, with a focus on data science jobs and the factors that affect those hiring decisions. Attendants will learn about supply and demand for various skills and technologies, common career progressions, and industry trends that affect hiring. … Read more ...

Dec. 4th 2019 - Beyond Moneyball: Data Science for Baseball in 2019

RSVP at Michael Cave will draw on his experience as a college baseball player (and his 7.5mil row SQL database of baseball data) to walk the audience through the history of baseball analytics. Almost 20 years ago, Moneyball sent waves through the baseball community by presenting a framework to … Read more ...


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