April 8th - [Webinar] Chris Conlan Presenting at Data Viz DC

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Talk title
Goodbye PowerBI: Building an Interactive Dashboard from Scratch in D3.js

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) wanted to take their web-based charting to the next level for an HIV-related project. You have all seen clunky dashboard sites that make 10 HTTP requests per second and leave you constantly starting at greyed-out loading overlays.

We didn't want to build that, so we built the whole dashboard using D3.js, and did all the ETL in pure Python, and published the whole data set as part of the webpage. It is very snappy, very specifically designed, and easily extensible to new data.

In and of itself, the dashboard is very interesting, and very expository when it comes to explaining the state of the HIV epidemic in the U.S. Beyond that, we want to share a powerful design pattern for building interactive dashboards using the bedrock technologies of the web.