Sept 17th, 2020 - How to use Machine Learning in the Stock Market with Chris Conlan

by Chris Conlan

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The Bethesda Data Science Meetup is back, and we're going virtual this time.

A lot of people talk about using machine learning in the stock market, but few know how to actually do it. I will be showing you.

Financial machine learning is unlike regular machine learning. It should be considered a field of its own. The introduction of time series, serial correlations, overlapping outcomes mean we can't use out-of-the-box utilities for model building and validation if we want to get valid results. I'll be showing you what that means and pointing you towards resource s to help you learn more.

A lot of the content of this presentation will come from my latest book, Algorithmic Trading with Python, which you can find on Amazon. Even if you have already seen the book, I highly encourage you to attend, because you will probably have some of the best questions.

This event will be virtual, so we will be inviting people from all over the world.