Steven Nawara, PhD. - Data Scientist

by Chris Conlan

Stephen Nawara received a PhD in Pharmacology from Loyola University Chicago, during which he discovered a love for programming and data analysis. There, he developed a semi-automated method for assessing the location of brain lesions in a rodent, as well as a stochastic theoretical model of rodent behavior.

He has since leveraged that experience to become an independent R developer, data scientist, and tutor. Stephen excels at applying advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to diverse datasets including financial, bioinformatics, spatial, and behavioral timeseries. Specifically, he has had success in applying techniques such as Classification and Regression Trees (e.g., xgboost), neural networks (e.g., Tensorflow), and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (e.g., JAGs, Stan).


Characterization of the Effect of Anti-Nogo-A Antibody Treatment Sensorimotor Recovery After Traumatic Brain Injury November 2015 · Loyala University of Chicago

Technical Editor: Automated Trading with R Quantitative Research and Platform Development Octobert 2016 · Apress Media