Predictive Analytics for HR & Employment Data

The job market is evolving rapidly with innovation cycles shortening and new and competing technologies being released every few months. The demand for new jobs is at an all time high and understanding the compensation associated with them is an increasingly difficult problem, one that can only be effectively answered through extensive market research, data acquisition, and advanced modeling.

Which factors make up compensation information? Some of the attributes include the company size, location, job title, skills, experience, and education.

The market forces for emplyment demand can only be discovered in aggregate, comparing jobs across multiple industries, skill sets, and locations. As remote work continues to increase, and the number of internet-based jobs increase, we will see a growing need for structured data that helps us analyze these market movements.

Public and Private Sources

Municipal, state, and federal organizations across the country share public aggregate employee data that can be combined and made easily searchable and analyzed. We can also access shared private resources. We can combine and store this data for advanced analysis, and help tailor it to your specific business scenarios.

Record Linkage and Consolidation

Using advanced cross-referencing, validation, and record-linkage techniques, we can gather information on millions individuals worldwide to power your applications in real-time. We can harness this data to build powerful applications for understanding employment and compensation trends across multiple cities, countries, skill sets and experience levels.

Compensation Information

Enriching your existing data with compensation information allows for richer analysis of your existing and exploratory business scenarios. We provide custom solutions for enriching your current contacts based on their job titles, locations, skills, experience and more.

Alternative Data Sources

We can also fetch alternative data sources if you're looking to do a deep dive on a specific industry, skill, or job title. Some of these alternative sources include background verification information, phone numbers, emails, home addresses, and more.

Emerging Jobs & Technologies

One of the hardest problems is estimating jobs with limited information. We can provide models (or build you a proprietary API) for analyzing emergent jobs (based on technologies or job titles that are new to market), based on advanced natural language processing, linear regression, and geographic analysis.

Potential Applications

  • Enriching existing CRM contacts with salary information.
  • Macro-level analysis of wage growth or decline per region
  • Recruiting job demand analysis based on title, region, industry, and experience level.

Why Build a Custom Solution?

Companies like Glassdoor and PayScale offer compensation information, but charge large (and long) licensing fees for use of their applications, which may be tangential but do not perfectly fit your business use cases. As an expert consultancy, we can build out custom solutions, and dive deeper into any specific area of interest to your company. Most importantly, any application built on your behalf is your own intellectual property, for which you have access to continued support.


Understanding your people is key to understanding your growth strategy and financial future. We welcome the opportunity to explore a unique application of human capital analytics to your business.