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because it asks the right questions.

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Human-Machine Interface

What is a command center?

We combine handmade sets of business-critical variables with machine-readable streams of exogenous data to achieve a holistic model of your business.

Rapid Data Entry

Our low-code GUI generator builds single-page data entry apps for rapid entries, edits, and validations.

Configurable AI

Adjust your models to reflect changes in your business ecosystem before they are realized in your data.

Builtin Voice Commands

Jarvis, show me my cash flow.

Explore your command center hands-free with builtin voice control. Tell it who you need to call, what you need to do, and what information you want to see.

End-to-end focus on data

Built by data scientists, for the web.

Thoughtfully structured data is the foundation of good analytics. Our toolkit allows data scientists to build user interfaces that travel up, down, and across complex data structures.