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Some of our clients

Industries we serve

Read about how we approach analytic challenges in different verticals.

E-commerce & digital marketing. Analyzing past purchases can create significant insights into future buying behavior. Read more.

Social science. Information is being produced and stored at an unprecedented rate. Much of it concerns human behavior. Read more.

HR & employment. The demand for new jobs is at an all time high and understanding the compensation associated with them is an increasingly difficult problem. Read more.

Financial services. Technology and data has been a fixture of the financial industry for decades now and is becoming increasingly important. Read more.

Full-stack focus on data

Built by data scientists, for the web.

Our proprietary development ecosystem ensures your analytics are accessible, reproducible, and presentable - always.

Secure & Scalable

Our AWS-certified professionals have your web application under control. We'll make your solution run like clockwork, in your cloud or ours.

The 80/20 Split

We spend the majority of our time crunching numbers and the rest building software, all while providing a seemless full-stack experience.