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Providing software development and consulting services from downtown Bethesda, MD.

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A few of our clients

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A few of our solutions

Pricing optimization. Analyzing past purchases can create significant insights into future buying behavior and opportunities for improved margins. Read more.

Behavioral economics. Information is being produced and stored at an unprecedented rate. Much of it concerns human behavior. Read more.

Employment & payroll. The demand for new jobs is at an all time high and understanding the compensation associated with them is an increasingly difficult problem. Read more.

Portfolio optimization. Trading and investing strategies require increasingly complex constraints, while still requiring performance. Read more.

Actuarial science. Probabilistic models of financial behavior are growing necessarily more complex given newly available data. Read more.

Fraud detection. Businesses are more capable than ever of staying ahead of criminal elements by analyzing complex networks of data. Read more.

Investment evaluation. Mature investment firms now have the ability to move away from scoring models towards data-driven appreciation and cash flow projections. Read more.

Risk management. As investor demand for exotic assets increases, managers need increasingly complex monitoring and analysis tools to measure financial risk. Read more.

Portfolio visualization. Cutting-edge trusts and funds can use elegantly designed portfolio visualization tools to communicate the value of their expertise to existing and potential clients. Read more.

Boutique professional services

Depth of expertise in finance.

Our mix of experience working with investors, lenders, creditors, financiers, servicers, and fintech leaders gives us the edge.

Public & Private Markets

We serve private market investors, lenders, and fintech companies, as well as public market investors.

Development & Consulting

We provide all the resources necessary to both plan and execute financial data science projects.

Like it's our own money.

Profit oriented.

Financial machine learning research is mired by data snooping and data leakage. We follow strict rules to generate valid profit-maximizing models.

Time Series Specialists

Data leakage in financial time series modeling can happen both across the parameter space and the time domain if not carefully executed.

Technological Realists

"All models are wrong, but some are useful." — George Box, statistician who studied time series and experimental design.

Full-stack focus on data

Full-stack and web-ready.

Our proprietary development stack helps us build ML-powered web applications quickly and securely.

Secure & Scalable

Our AWS-certified professionals have your web application under control. We'll make your solution run like clockwork, in your cloud or ours.

Plug & Play Components

Rapid development means more time spent doing data science and less time spent managing software.