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We believe good data scientists are great software developers. Our team of professionals is ready to help you build your command center.

Lachlan Bell - Data Scientist

Lachlan Bell has spent his time in a variety of engineering positions leading to a flexible skill set in both software and electrical engineering. His main passion is in development of new and evolving technologies. In his previous roll, he was responsible for overseeing the mass production of telecommunication equipment ... Read more ...

Chris Conlan - President & CEO

Chris Conlan is the President of Conlan Scientific. He began his career as an independent data science consultant for the Washington D.C. area, and later founded Conlan Scientific by leveraging his personal network of talented data scientists and researchers. Chris specializes in financial modeling, machine vision, and cloud management ... Read more ...

Steven Nawara, PhD. - Data Scientist

Stephen Nawara received a PhD in Pharmacology from Loyola University Chicago, during which he discovered a love for programming and data analysis. There, he developed a semi-automated method for assessing the location of brain lesions in a rodent, as well as a stochastic theoretical model of rodent behavior. He has ... Read more ...

Eric Scheier - Quantitative Analyst

Eric Scheier has spent the past decade using data science to spur the deployment of transformative technologies, primarily in clean technology and financial technology. He has conducted peer-reviewed research on renewable energy systems, developed market intelligence pipelines and production-grade trading systems for multi-million dollar portfolios, and extracted value from myriad ... Read more ...


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