[Closed] Job: Financial Data Engineer in Bethesda, MD

Conlan Scientific is a full-stack financial data science development services firm. We focus primarily on quantitative investment strategy development for funds, banks, and lenders.

Technical Requirements

  • Bachelor's or greater in a quantitative field.
  • SQL mastery. We move large workloads through SQL-based data stores.
  • Expertise in various alternative database platforms. You will advise the company on adoption of the appropriate data stores for different workloads.
  • Python programming experience. We work primarily in Python and you will need to ensure interoperability between our data and our Python developers.


  • Django/SQLAlchemy experience.
  • AWS cloud administration experience.

Your Responsibilities

Work with Chris Conlan and other team members to continue to develop on R&D contracts with our financial services clients. Meet our data engineering, pipelining, updating, ETL, and availability requirements for our work and our clients.

Employment Terms

One of the following ...

  • Part-time contract role on-site at our Bethesda, MD office.
  • Full-time, salaried, with benefits, working primarily on-site at our Bethesda, MD office.

We will discuss the appropriate terms based on your needs, our needs, and your skills.

How to Apply

Email hiring@conlan.io.

Recommended Reading

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