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The Discipline of Financial Data Science Lecture at Winthrop University

Special thanks to Paul Weigand and Winthrop University for hosting this talk. Paul Weigand is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Quantitative Methods at Winthrop University. Read more ...

Financial Data Science Guest Lecture at University of Virginia

Transcription: Chris Conlan: Professor Martinet was one of my favorite teachers when I was in the statistics department. I tried to take all the classes I could with her. So, this has always been a dream of mine to come back and guest lecture at one of her classes. My … Read more ...

Goodbye Power BI

Transcription: Chris Conlan: My name is Chris Conlan. I am the president of a data science company here in Bethesda called Conlan Scientific. I will get my bragging and self-promotion out of the way. We do financial data, and we were recently ranked the number one artificial intelligence company in … Read more ...


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