Data science discussions and general updates from Conlan Scientific.

Signal Consulting Group Announces Partnership with Conlan Scientific for Data Intelligence in Public Affairs

See the official press release:

Conlan Scientific presents Neil Tender on Hardware Accelerated Computing

Neil Tender discusses how he builds custom computer chips to accelerate specific algorithms.

Conlan Scientific presents James Vances on Anomaly Detection Distributed Systems

James Vance discusses how he uses machine learning to detect anomalies on distributed systems of on-premise, cloud, and edge hardware.

Conlan Scientific presents Will Angel on Sensor Data Collection Using Microcontrollers

Will Angel joins the Bethesda Data Science Meetup to talk about how he uses microcontrollers, which are just little computers, to collect physical data from the real world. This area of technology often feels inaccessible due to the electrical engineering skill required. Our speaker breaks it down.

When Do We Need New Computer Architectures - Conlan Scientific presents Janice McMahon at University of Virginia

Super computing and cloud computing typically relies on massively parallel architectures. Stringing together more computers creates more power. Janice McMahon is looking into ways to alter the fundamentals of computer architecture to get more performance out of existing hardware.

What's Left for Quants on Wall Street?

The article will point to various examples of automated trading strategies and raise questions about where any investor, institutional or otherwise, ought to invest resources in pursuits of alpha. What can you do for free? A few years ago, I wrote a book called Automated Trading with R with …

Update on The Gartner Hype Cycle for Machine Learning

In 2017, the term "machine learning" had entered modern parlance enough for it to be included in the 2017 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. Gartner doesn't include duplicate entries, year-over-year, so this is somewhat of a big deal. In July 2017, Gartner said that machine learning was at the …

Conlan Data Viz Project Published in Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)

See referenced publication here: Conlan Scientific developed a from-scratch data visualization framework for exploring high-dimensional HIV-related data on the web with virtually no latency. The project is live here:

Using D3 To Make Charts That Don’t Exist Yet

A few months ago at the Bethesda Data Science Meetup, I did a presentation on data visualization for the web. That group is usually attended by data scientists and engineers, so I started off by showing them this chart. It’s intentionally confusing, because the dependency tree of web-based charting is …

Your Consultancy's Potential as a Data Broker

Modern consulting companies are expected to deliver more than just expertise. They are expected to curate and maintain relevant data about the industries they serve. The smartest ones are turning that knowledge into custom data-as-a-service solutions. They know they can multiply their impact and influence by having a DaaS serve …