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Data science discussions and general updates from Conlan Scientific.

Using D3 To Make Charts That Don’t Exist Yet

A few months ago at the Bethesda Data Science Meetup, I did a presentation on data visualization for the web. That group is usually attended by data scientists and engineers, so I started off by showing them this chart. It’s intentionally confusing, because the dependency tree of web-based charting is ... Read more ...

Is Data Science an IT Service?

When discussing what we do with a potential client the other day, I heard something along the lines of, "We are in the middle of an IT overhaul right now, so we don't have a need for your services." This gave me pause, because I had to step back and ... Read more ...

Your Consultancy's Potential as a Data Broker

Modern consulting companies are expected to deliver more than just expertise. They are expected to curate and maintain relevant data about the industries they serve. The smartest ones are turning that knowledge into custom data-as-a-service solutions. They know they can multiply their impact and influence by having a DaaS serve ... Read more ...

Use Machine Learning To Grow Your Lending Business

This post will quickly outline how your can financing business can use machine learning to ... + Document and execute a consistent lending strategy. + Discover which attributes most significantly affect deal performance. + Reduce your susceptibility to fraud from both internal and external actors. ### What Are We Doing? ... Read more ...

D.C. is the Data Science Capital of the U.S.

... at least according to Google Search Trends it is. Google places Washington D.C. first in the country for interest in data science out of all 50 U.S. states. We can only speculate what gave us this score. + Is it our thriving EdTech industry? + Is it biostatistics at ... Read more ...


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